Recipe: Pullet

Bone the pullet, stuff with forcemeat made with minced VEAL, egg, HAM, onions, foie gras, and mushrooms. First warm the VEAL, onion, and HAM in melted butter, then add the mushrooms and foie gras, moisten with stock and boil. Stir in two yolks of eggs and a teaspoonful of lemon juice before taking off the fire, season with a little salt, pepper, and a pinch of nutmeg. After stuffing the fowl with this mixture, sew it up, turn the skin of the neck half over the head and cut off part of the comb, which will give it the appearance of a turtle’s head. Blanch and singe four CHICKENs’ feet, cut off the claws and stick two where the wings ought to be and two in the thighs, so as to look like turtle’s feet. Stew the pullet with a little HAM, onions, and carrots, tossed previously in butter, moisten with stock, skim occasionally. When done, cut the string where it is sewn, lay it on its back in a dish, garnish the breast with sliced truffles cut in fancy shapes, and place a crayFISH tail to represent the turtle’s tail.

Velouté Sauce may be handed with this dish, or it may be eaten cold and garnished with aspic.