2,679 Forgotten Recipes

Mother-Daughter CookingRediscover the smells and tastes of your ancestors’ kitchen. Barry’s Forgotten Recipes is about sharing cookbooks and recipes of our ancestors. From generation to generation, family and friends came together for the main meal of the day and for conversation. Renew the powerful memories of smell, taste, and sharing food.  Remember the traditions that linked generations. Recipes in this sampling represent over 50 cookbooks from 1832 to 1928 and are represented exactly as they were presented in in the original cookbook.  No correction has been made for grammar, spelling, or punctuation. The recipes are provided for your enjoyment. If you choose to try any recipes, you do so at your own risk without guarantee of satisfaction.

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Forgotten Recipes

  1. Appetizers/Relish (39 recipes)
  2. Beverage (162 recipes)
  3. Biscuits (65 recipes)
  4. Breads (129 recipes)
  5. Cakes/Frosting (146 recipes)
  6. Cookbooks
  7. Cookies (27 recipes)
  8. Custards/Pudding (146 recipes)
  9. Eggs/Souffles (89 recipes)
  10. Meat: Beef (158 recipes)
  11. Meat: Chicken (84 recipes)
  12. Meat: Fish (120 recipes)
  13. Meat: Fowl (84 recipes)
  14. Meat: Lamb (153 recipes)
  15. Meat: Pork (83 recipes)
  16. Meat: Shellfish (56 recipes)
  17. Pancakes/Cereal (71 recipes)
  18. Pie/Tarts (85 recipes)
  19. Rice/Macaroni (63 recipes)
  20. Salad/Dressing (126 recipes)
  21. Sauces (154 recipes)
  22. Soup/Stew (194 recipes)
  23. Vegetables (321 recipes)