Barry’s Forgotten Recipes: Beverage Category (162 recipes)

Mother and Daughter Baking in the Kitchen

Rediscover the smells and tastes of your ancestors’ kitchen.

Barry’s Forgotten Recipes is about sharing cookbooks and recipes of our ancestors. From generation to generation, family and friends came together for the main meal of the day and for conversation. Renew the powerful memories of smell, taste, and sharing food.  Remember the traditions that linked generations.

Recipes in this sampling represent over 50 cookbooks from 1832 to 1928 and are represented exactly as they were presented in in the original cookbook.  No correction has been made for grammar, spelling, or punctuation. The recipes are provided for your enjoyment. If you choose to try any recipes, you do so at your own risk without guarantee of satisfaction.

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Category Recipes

  1. Recipe: Afternoon Tea
  2. Recipe: Annseed Cordial
  3. Recipe: Apple-Water Drink
  4. Recipe: Apricock Wine
  5. Recipe: Balm Wine
  6. Recipe: Birch Wine
  7. Recipe: Bishop
  8. Recipe: Blackberry Cordial
  9. Recipe: Blackberry Wine, No. 1
  10. Recipe: Blackberry Wine, No. 2
  11. Recipe: Brandy Peaches
  12. Recipe: Breakfast Cocoa
  13. Recipe: Buttermilk as Drink
  14. Recipe: Camomile Tea
  15. Recipe: Capillaire
  16. Recipe: Cerel Beverages
  17. Recipe: Cherry Bounce
  18. Recipe: Cherry Bounce
  19. Recipe: Cherry Brandy
  20. Recipe: Cherry Frappe
  21. Recipe: Cherry Shrub
  22. Recipe: Cherry Wine
  23. Recipe: Chocolate
  24. Recipe: Chocolate
  25. Recipe: Chocolate Malted Milk
  26. Recipe: Chocolate Sirup
  27. Recipe: Chocolate Syrup
  28. Recipe: Cider Frappe
  29. Recipe: Cider Vinegar
  30. Recipe: Cider Wine
  31. Recipe: Cocoa
  32. Recipe: Cocoa
  33. Recipe: Cocoa and Chocolate
  34. Recipe: Coffee
  35. Recipe: Coffee, Egg and Milk
  36. Recipe: Cowslip Wine
  37. Recipe: Cranberry Frappe
  38. Recipe: Cream Coffee Shake
  39. Recipe: Creamy Cocoa
  40. Recipe: Cucumber Vinegar
  41. Recipe: Currant Shrub
  42. Recipe: Current Wine
  43. Recipe: Current Wine, No. 1
  44. Recipe: Current Wine, No. 2
  45. Recipe: Egg Choclate
  46. Recipe: Egg Flip or Mulled Ale
  47. Recipe: Egg Lemonade
  48. Recipe: Egg Milk Shake
  49. Recipe: Elder Flower Wine
  50. Recipe: Elder Wine
  51. Recipe: Essence of Lemon-Peel
  52. Recipe: Fine Milk Punch
  53. Recipe: Fine Milk Punch
  54. Recipe: Flavored Vinegars
  55. Recipe: Florida Orange Wine
  56. Recipe: Foamy Egg Nog
  57. Recipe: For A Summer Draught
  58. Recipe: Formula for Making Gallons of Breakfast Cocoa
  59. Recipe: Fox Grape Shrub
  60. Recipe: French Coffee
  61. Recipe: Frozen Spiced Punch
  62. Recipe: Fruit Nectar
  63. Recipe: Fruit Punch
  64. Recipe: Ginger Ale Cup
  65. Recipe: Ginger Beer
  66. Recipe: Ginger Beer
  67. Recipe: Ginger Punch
  68. Recipe: Ginger-Ale Punch
  69. Recipe: Gooseberry Wine
  70. Recipe: Gooseberry Wine
  71. Recipe: Grape Eggnog
  72. Recipe: Grape Juice (Unfermented)
  73. Recipe: Grape Lemonade
  74. Recipe: Home-Made Table Vinegar
  75. Recipe: Hot Chocolate
  76. Recipe: Hot Punch
  77. Recipe: How to Make a Soothing Drink for Coughs
  78. Recipe: Hulled Wheat
  79. Recipe: Ice Lemonade
  80. Recipe: Ice Orange Ade
  81. Recipe: Iced Cocoa or Chocolate
  82. Recipe: Iced Tea
  83. Recipe: Iced Tea
  84. Recipe: Inexpensive Drink
  85. Recipe: Koumiss
  86. Recipe: Left Over Tea
  87. Recipe: Left-Over Cocoa and Chocolate
  88. Recipe: Lemon Brandy
  89. Recipe: Lemon Brandy
  90. Recipe: Lemon Cordial
  91. Recipe: Lemon Syrup
  92. Recipe: Lemonade
  93. Recipe: Lemonade
  94. Recipe: Lentil Tea
  95. Recipe: Linseed Tea
  96. Recipe: Mead
  97. Recipe: Methelin or Honey Wine
  98. Recipe: Milk Punch
  99. Recipe: Mint Cup
  100. Recipe: Mint Julep
  101. Recipe: Mint Lemonade
  102. Recipe: Mint Punch
  103. Recipe: Molasses Beer
  104. Recipe: Mrs Ewings Creamy Chocolate
  105. Recipe: Mrs Ewings Creamy Cocoa
  106. Recipe: Mrs. Hill’s Cocoa Frappe
  107. Recipe: Mulberry Wine
  108. Recipe: Non-Stimulating Beverages
  109. Recipe: Noyeau Cordial
  110. Recipe: Orange Ale
  111. Recipe: Orange Betty
  112. Recipe: Orange Egg Nog
  113. Recipe: Orange Juice
  114. Recipe: Orange Shrub
  115. Recipe: Orange Wine
  116. Recipe: Orange Wine Another Way
  117. Recipe: Orangeade
  118. Recipe: Orgeat
  119. Recipe: Parisian Tea
  120. Recipe: Peach Cordial
  121. Recipe: Peach Cordial
  122. Recipe: Pine Apple Julep
  123. Recipe: Pineapple Lemonade
  124. Recipe: Pineapple Vinegar
  125. Recipe: Plain Milk Shake
  126. Recipe: Punch
  127. Recipe: Quince Cordial
  128. Recipe: Raisin Wine
  129. Recipe: Raisin Wine
  130. Recipe: Rasberry Cordial
  131. Recipe: Rasberry Fruit Betty
  132. Recipe: Raspberry Vinegar, No. 1
  133. Recipe: Rasberry Vinegar, No. 2
  134. Recipe: Raspberry Punch
  135. Recipe: Raspberry Shrub
  136. Recipe: Raspberry Wine
  137. Recipe: Ratifie Brandy
  138. Recipe: Red Currant Wine
  139. Recipe: Red-Raspberry Nectar
  140. Recipe: Refreshing Drinks for Summer
  141. Recipe: Regent Punch
  142. Recipe: Rice Milk
  143. Recipe: Rich Cocoa
  144. Recipe: Roman Punch No. 1
  145. Recipe: Roman Punch No. 2
  146. Recipe: Rose Brandy
  147. Recipe: Rose Cordial
  148. Recipe: Sage or Marygold Tea
  149. Recipe: Sangaree
  150. Recipe: Sassafras Beer
  151. Recipe: Sassafras Mead
  152. Recipe: Spruce Beer
  153. Recipe: Spruce Beer
  154. Recipe: Steeped Tea
  155. Recipe: Strawberry and Rasberry Syrup
  156. Recipe: Strawberry Cordial
  157. Recipe: Strawberry Water
  158. Recipe: Substitute for Cream in Coffee
  159. Recipe: Sugar Vinegar
  160. Recipe: White Currant Wine
  161. Recipe: White Vinegar
  162. Recipe: Wine Whey