Barry’s Forgotten Recipes: Lamb (153 recipes)

Mother and Daughter Baking in the KitchenRediscover the smells and tastes of your ancestors’ kitchen.

Barry’s Forgotten Recipes is about sharing cookbooks and recipes of our ancestors. From generation to generation, family and friends came together for the main meal of the day and for conversation. Renew the powerful memories of smell, taste, and sharing food.  Remember the traditions that linked generations.

Recipes in this sampling represent over 50 cookbooks from 1832 to 1928 and are represented exactly as they were presented in in the original cookbook.  No correction has been made for grammar, spelling, or punctuation. The recipes are provided for your enjoyment. If you choose to try any recipes, you do so at your own risk without guarantee of satisfaction.

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Category Recipes

  1. Recipe: Baked Emince of Lamb in Green Peppers
  2. Recipe: Baked Mutton Chops and Potatoes
  3. Recipe: Belgian Lamb Chops
  4. Recipe: Belgian Roast Lamb
  5. Recipe: Belgian Roast Lamb
  6. Recipe: Bengal Curry of Lamb
  7. Recipe: Boned Leg of Mutton Roasted
  8. Recipe: Braised Leg of Mutton
  9. Recipe: Broiled Mutton Chops
  10. Recipe: Brown Fricassee of Lamb
  11. Recipe: Casserole of Lamb
  12. Recipe: Chinese Mutton
  13. Recipe: Crown Roast of Lamb
  14. Recipe: Epigramme of Lamb
  15. Recipe: Fried Lamb’s Liver and Bacon
  16. Recipe: Fried Mutton Chops, No. 1
  17. Recipe: Fried Mutton Chops, No. 2
  18. Recipe: Gâteaux de Lièvre
  19. Recipe: Haggis
  20. Recipe: Haggis (Scotch)
  21. Recipe: Hashed Mutton
  22. Recipe: How to Use Left-over Lamb
  23. Recipe: Individual Lamb Pies
  24. Recipe: Individual Lamb Potpies
  25. Recipe: Irish Mutton Stew
  26. Recipe: Irish Stew
  27. Recipe: Lamb Boiled with Ravoli
  28. Recipe: Lamb Chops
  29. Recipe: Lamb Cutlets
  30. Recipe: Lamb Haricot
  31. Recipe: Lamb Stew
  32. Recipe: Lamb’s Kidney’s in Brown Sauce
  33. Recipe: Lanb and Mutton Stews
  34. Recipe: Leg of Mutton ala Venson
  35. Recipe: Minced Lamb on Toast
  36. Recipe: Mutton Chops
  37. Recipe: Mutton Cutlets (Baked)
  38. Recipe: Mutton Kromeskys
  39. Recipe: Mutton Pudding
  40. Recipe: Mutton Rechauffée
  41. Recipe: Muttonettes
  42. Recipe: Polish Roast Mutton
  43. Recipe: Pressed Lamb
  44. Recipe: Roast Leg of Mutton or Lamb
  45. Recipe: Roast Mutton
  46. Recipe: Roast Quarter of Lamb
  47. Recipe: Roast Saddle of Mutton
  48. Recipe: Rolled Roast of Lamb
  49. Recipe: Scalloped Lamb or Mutton
  50. Recipe: Scalloped Mutton and Tomatoes
  51. Recipe: Scotch Baked Mutton
  52. Recipe: Scrambled Mutton
  53. Recipe: Sheep’s Tongue
  54. Recipe: Spanish Stew
  55. Recipe: Swedish Stewed Mutton
  56. Recipe: To Boil Mutton
  57. Recipe: To Roast Mutton
  58. Recipe: Turkish Lamb
  59. Recipe: Turkish Stewed Lamb