What every genealogist needs to know about digital content and preservation (100+ resources)

Digitizing contentBy Barry J. Ewell

As a genealogist and/or family historian you are ever increasingly faced with the need to better understand how to create, evaluate, manage, organize, and preserve content that include audio, photography, video, film and more. I’ve learned that even the simplest decision like which format to scan an image can have far reaching irreparable consequences if not done correctly. Continue reading

Genealogy: Photographing slides and film

Photographing slides and films and filmBy Barry J. Ewell

For over 40 years I have used the camera to capture the lives of my family and friends.  The camera has been a very important tool in my professional career in public relations and advertising.  I first started with a film camera and spent hundreds of wonderful/fun hours in a dark room developing and printing my on prints.

Since the late 90’s I have used the digital camera extensively in to aid in my genealogical research in places such as local courthouses, libraries, genealogical societies, family cemeteries, and long-ago home sites and the homes of those who have a portion of the family record.

The following is the process I use with my digital camera to photograph slides and film. Continue reading

Genealogy: How to convert 8mm, Super 8, Single 8 and 16MM to DVD

Genealogy: How to convert 8mm, Super 8, Single 8 and 16MM to DVDion-Home MoviesDo you by chance have 8mm movies of when you were a child?  Do you still have the projector to watch the movies?  Do you remember how fun it used to be to watch those episodes?  Have you thought about converting your old 8mm movies to digital images?  If so, there are several methods for you to consider.

Services for a fee
These services specialize in transferring 8mm, super 8mm and 16mm movie film to digital.  There are different types of processes used. The one I prefer is either a high-definition or standard-definition frame-by-frame transfer service. Each individual frame Continue reading

Genealogy: So you don’t have a variable speed projector?

Genealogy: So you don’t have a variable speed projector?Don’t despair; you will be able to acquire a projector on eBay.  It may take some hard bidding, but you will be able to find one.  If the cost of the projector is more than you want to pay, be assured that there will be others.  You can also find many used items in the SHUTTERBUG magazine (available at most newsstands worldwide). The lamps don’t always survive in the shipping process but you can always get a new bulb. Continue reading