Genealogy: Where to search for your ancestors’ writings

Ancesor writingsBy Barry J. Ewell

The writings of your ancestors hold many wonderful clues and stories that can dramatically aid your genealogy research. The hard part is knowing where to search for your ancestors’ writings.

The following are few ideas to aid your search:

1. Getting access to ancestors’ writings that are in the possession of others
These journals, letters and writings of our ancestors are very precious to those who own them. The owner’s response to your request to access them depends a lot on how well you know each other. If they know and trust you, they may allow you to take the Continue reading

Genealogy: Use and record what you learn

By Barry J. Ewell

When doing family history research, a vital part of the process is evaluating the results of your inquiry and sharing your information with others.

I ask myself the question, “What do I see?” Sometimes what I find is only a clue; other times, it’s a gold mine. I record what I learn in my research log. At this point, based on the information I’ve gathered, I decide where I want to go and start with step one again. Continue reading

Genealogy: Approximate dating of post cards with no date is present

By Barry J. Ewell

Postcards went through many phases when particular design features were popular, so even if a postcard is not dated or was never mailed, it is still possible to determine an approximate time when it was printed.

Private Mailing Cards Period, 1898 – 1901:

  • During the Private Mailing Card era, messages were not allowed on the back of the cards, so a small space was left on the front, for notes from the sender.
  • The sender had to purchase a 1¢ stamp for the Private Mailing Card. Continue reading

Genealogy: The family history value of the post card

By Barry J. Ewell

While researching for family records, I have been fortunate to come across several postcard collections of ancesters.   They have been a great snapshot into several aspects of my families lives.  The value of postcards to family history are as follows:

  1. Post card images are great resources to relate to your ancestors’ time period.
    1. See their hometown the way it looked back in the 20’s or 30’s. Continue reading