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Searching the Internet is a skill. Find more resources in less time with the right Google research query. Learn 100+ effective search queries used to quickly navigate the internet and find valuable genealogy resources. Also learn how to formulate a variety of genealogy related search queries to find what you want in minutes

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Genealogy: Search strategies for finding names in the census and other resources

Search strategiesBy Barry J. Ewell
When I began my genealogy research, I would only search indexes of books, online databases, and related records for my surname Ewell exactly was it was spelled with no other variation.  Since then I have found my name spelled in over a hundred different ways.  Resources that I had discounted as not having any record of my family, I have gone back and found information that was there but just under a different spelling.  Searching your ancestors name in indexes and records is a skill.  Searching your ancestors name in the census, indexes and records is a skill.  I would like to share with a few of the lessons I have learned to create a search strategy for finding your ancestors names. Continue reading

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genealogy research, Free PDF forms, genealogy formsRecently Barry Ewell delivered 14 genealogy presentations that have become very popular with genealogists world-wide. Request your free copy now and receive the following titles:

Forty Ways to Supercharge Family History Research

  1. Ten ways to supercharge family history on the internet
  2. Ten ways to supercharge family history at home
  3. Ten ways to supercharge family history in libraries, societies and archives
  4. How to cut 10 years off your family history learning curve
  5. Ancestor immigration and migration, keys to unlocking family history
  6. If Sherlock Holmes were a family historian

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Litigation Between Cyndi’s List and MyGenShare Dismissed

As of June 20, 2013

Cyndi’s List and MyGenShare have successfully mediated a resolution of their pending legal actions and corrected any misunderstandings on mutually agreeable terms.

Cyndi’s List filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington captioned Cyndi’s List and Cynthia Howells v., LLC and Barry Ewell, Case No. 3:12-cv-06074-RBL alleging copyright infringement, unfair trade practices, tortious interference, and unjust enrichment (the “Litigation”). MyGenShare denied the allegations by Cyndi’s List and any “wrongdoing” and brought a counterclaim for defamation, tortious interference, and violation of the Washington Consumer Protection Act. Cyndi’s List denied the allegations of MyGenShare and any “wrongdoing.”

The parties have dismissed all claims with prejudice