Genealogy Tips & Tricks: Use multiple sources to correlate information

Use multiple sources to correlate informationBy Barry J. Ewell

Never take anything at face value. Finding your ancestor’s name does not guarantee that you’ve found the right ancestor. Remember that nothing is truly fact until you can back it up using more than one resource. When searching multiple sources, I have found the records I need in the same location or area in which my ancestor lived. Always ask yourself, what records were created in this location during the time that my ancestor lived here?
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Free PDF Download: 100+ Internet Search Queries for Genealogists

01 Goolge 3By Barry J. Ewell

Download the PDF “Search the Internet Like A Genealogist” for free.

This tutorial provides 100+ valuable internet search queries you can use as a genealogists to effectively conduct research on  your favorite search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.  You will be more effective and find more family faster.  Download Link

Genealogy Tips & Tricks: Genealogy is a skill requiring preparation

10-15-2014 5-30-55 PMBy Barry J. Ewell

Genealogy is a skill requiring preparation and planning; detailed and exhaustive research; and careful correlation, analysis, and reporting.

  • Preparation and planning. Develop a research plan based on analyzing and defining the research problem you seek to resolve.
  • Detailed and exhaustive research. Use all relevant finding aids and sources, recognizing that differences exist in each source. Continue reading

Genealogy Tips & Tricks: Create proof summaries of your research

Create proof summaries of your researchBy Barry J. Ewell

As a genealogist, I don’t know of any document that directly says John Jones or Maxcey Ewell is my ancestor. It has taken a combination of clues and other documents to lead to those conclusions. After I conducted my research on a particular family line, it’s not uncommon for me to have to take a week and sometimes months before I am able to resume my research. It’s easy to forget the steps taken and the cur¬rent conclusions, Continue reading

Genealogy Tips & Tricks: Learn to ask questions

Learn to ask questionsBy Barry J. Ewell

Learning begins with a question. Questions and answers are the foundation for exchanging information. We have many ways to learn, but by simply asking questions, we set the stage for learning and also for sharing what we know.

Narrow the focus of your questions. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of questions that need answers. It’s been my experience that the further back I go, the more questions I ask. Continue reading

Genealogy Tips & Tricks: The oral Interview is the most valued research

The oral Interview is the most valued researchBy Barry J. Ewell

Interview your immediate family members. Take time to interview and compare your memories with those of your siblings, parents, cousins, grandparents, and others. Genealogy is not just names and dates; it is about people, who they were, and the stories of their lives. What is keeping you from talking to your family? Get over it. Don’t wait until after a relative passes on to find information. Someone in the family has excellent information on the line, and you have to find them. Rest assured that your family will Continue reading