25+ Genealogy Webinars and Tutorials

25+ Genealogy Webinars and TutorialsBy Barry J. Ewell

The following webinars are presented by Barry J. Ewell and  cover hundreds of topics that designed to help the genealogist find greater success in genealogy and family history research.  Most of the webinars are about 1 hour in length.

Barry J. Ewell is the founder of MyGenShare.com. He is a writer and researcher with extensive genealogical experience in internet and field research, digital and software resources and mentoring genealogists. Research interests include Eastern U.S., United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Germany, and Russia.

Search suggestions: Once you find the webinar that you are seeking do one of the following:

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  2. Copy and place the webinar title or portion of the title in the blog search field, click search and you will be directed to webinar.
  3. Click on the listing and your will be taken to the video.

The webinars that are included in this category are as follows:

  1. Webinar: Digitally Preserving Your Family History and Heritage
  2. Webinar: Fifty Google Searches Every Genealogist Needs to Know
  3. Webinar: Supercharge Your Research: Cut Ten Years off Your Learning Curve
  4. Webinar: The 30 Second Genealogist…How to Find Genealogy Answers You Want Now
  5. Webinar: Ancestor Immigration and Migration: Keys to Unlocking Family History Continue reading

Webinar: Ah Ha! I’m a Genealogist and Love’n it

Presenter: Barry J. Ewell
Presentation: In every genealogist’s life, there are those moments and experiences that change our course, give us the inspiration to solve the brick wall, or even cause us to laugh out loud. Barry will share his ten “ah ha” moments as a genealogist that will give you cause to say, “I’m a genealogist and lovin’ it”.

Webinar: Supercharge Your Research–Cut Ten Years off Your Learning Curve

Presenter: Barry J. Ewell
Presentation: Learn how to find your ancestors faster with substantially less road blocks, when you see your family in the times and seasons of their generation. During the presentation, we will explore several simple but very effective methods for creating a road map that you can follow, update, and change as you research your family.

Webinar: The 30 Second Genealogist…How to Find Genealogy Answers You Want Now

Presenter: Barry J. Ewell
Presentation: Find, access, and explore genealogical resources quickly.  Develop, expand, and sharpen your genealogy research skills. Discover clues to trace and explore your family ties.  Quickly identify which record collections to search first. Learn to find and use specific country, state, and county records  And much more… Source for the presentation is MyGenShare.com