Journal Writing: Use several writing styles when composing your journal

10-16-2014 2-18-40 PMBy Barry J. Ewell

How boring would it be if all you did for your journal was write the date and what you did for that day? The following are a few writing styles that you may choose (on different occasions) to help express your thoughts:

Free writing (stream of consciousness writing). Write anything and everything that comes to mind. You do not need to follow any logi¬cal formation of thoughts. You do not need to worry if grammar, spelling, or even the ideas are acceptable. Do not do anything that would interrupt the flow of thoughts from your mind to the paper. Continue reading

Journal Writing: Keeping a journal

10-16-2014 1-53-33 PMBy Barry J. Ewell

Think ahead to one hundred years; one of your ancestors will be seeking to better understand himself by trying to get to know you. What will you leave behind? Will there be videos to view, an oral interview to listen to, or a journal to read? Your ancestor will find your journal to be of great value. You will be one on one with him, sharing your innermost thoughts, feelings, and reflections.
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Journal Writing: A journal has many uses

Journal Writing: A journal has many usesBy Barry J. Ewell

There are many “out of the box” ways that you can utilize your journal. What follows is a list of some examples:

Find personal answers: It has been said that when we are confused about a situation, we shouldn’t be, because all of the answers lie within ourselves. Do you believe this to be true? Have you ever been truly puzzled about something in your life? Once it was Continue reading

Journal Writing: Find a comfortable place to journal

Journal Writing: Find a comfortable place to journalBy Barry J. Ewell

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Only you will know where you are comfortable journal writing. Will it be sitting at a desk or on the boardwalk by the ocean? Curled up in a big easy chair or sprawled out across a floor? Propped up by a comfy pillow in your bed or slouched under a shade tree at the park?

Listen to your inner voice; it will guide you to that safe, com¬fortable space. Once you find it, you will be able to produce the writing you want. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try everything to see what works best for you.

Journal Writing: Find the best time of day to write

Journal Writing: Find the best time of day to writeBy Barry J. Ewell

Explore your journal writing at various times of the day to see what works best for you. Some people write when they first wake up in the morning. This way their thoughts have not been disrupted by anything yet. Some people will journal in the afternoon after lunch. Others are night writers who like to do reflective journaling to touch on things that happened throughout the day. Continue reading

Journal Writing: Find the right journal for you

Journal Writing: Find the right journal for youBy Barry J. Ewell

Journaling should feel like coming home and curling up in your favorite space. So what can help you to achieve that feeling? First and foremost, find a journal that represents you. Will you be carrying it around? If so, you will want a compact one. Do you like to fold the book back on itself? Try a wire bound journal. Do you want lined pages or blank? Continue reading