Sharing Family History: Give a gift of family history

Sharing Family History: Give a gift of family historyBy Barry J. Ewell

can you buy doxycycline in boots Craft a heritage gift
Make a gift of family history. Homemade gifts are often inexpensive but are favorites with the recipients. They don’t have to be anything complicated either. Gifts can range from a picture frame with photos of a favorite ancestor and Christmas ornaments to heritage quilts. Making a family heritage gift is often more fun than giving one!  Continue reading

Sharing Family History: Write and share your story

Sharing Family History: Write and share your storyBy Barry J. Ewell

buy Prozac in the uk Create a family newsletter
Consider creating a family newsletter. Get others involved. Be creative. A well-written newsletter is a great way of keeping families together. Newsletters can include stories about an ancestor or share research successes and assignments. You might have an entire issue dedicated to family history or a regular feature on family history. It can be circulated every month or four times a year. Make sure Grandparents, parents and children each write. Continue reading

Sharing Family History: 16 ideas for family activities

Sharing Family History: 16 ideas for family activitiesBy Barry J. Ewell

click Create a regularly scheduled family history activity
Take the opportunity to help your family gain an interest in family history by creating a regularly scheduled activity that is fun and engaging for the whole family.  The following 15 ideas and activities will get you started with your family:

  • Buy a map of the United States or the world and use stickers or pins to show where your ancestors lived and how they migrated. Continue reading

Family History: Do background research for the oral history

Family History: Do background research for the oral historyBy Barry J. Ewell

It is natural to want to rush out and start the interview process, but no project should begin without some basic investigation of available resources. I found that by gathering and organizing material, I was able to gain a very good insight into which direction I should go and what questions I needed to ask. As you prepare, you may need to review other Continue reading

Journal Writing: Use several writing styles when composing your journal

10-16-2014 2-18-40 PMBy Barry J. Ewell

How boring would it be if all you did for your journal was write the date and what you did for that day? The following are a few writing styles that you may choose (on different occasions) to help express your thoughts:

Free writing (stream of consciousness writing). Write anything and everything that comes to mind. You do not need to follow any logi¬cal formation of thoughts. You do not need to worry if grammar, spelling, or even the ideas are acceptable. Do not do anything that would interrupt the flow of thoughts from your mind to the paper. Continue reading

Sharing Family History: More reunion activities

Sharing Family Histor: More reunion activitiesBy Barry J. Ewell

Family reunions provide many opportunities to share in learning about and celebrating a common ancestry.  The following are additional ideas and activities that can easily be incorporated into a family reunion.

Memory T-shirts
If you have more than one branch of an extended family attending your reunion, consider identifying each branch with a different colored shirt.  You can… Continue reading

Genealogy: Digital Camera Checklist for Research

Digital Camera Checklist for Research By Barry J. Ewell

I use my camera extensively when I conduct field research and through my personal experience built a checklist that I have found important to include with my camera. While I don’t use all of the list each time I am out, I have come prepared to handle most situations that I have that you will encounter.

  1. Digital camera with built-in flash
    1. Two extra sets of rechargeable batteries. Continue reading