Family Treasures (Book)

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Genealogy Reference Book Written by Barry J. Ewell

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The genealogy journey is not an easy one, but the treasures you’ll discover on the way make the path well worth traveling —something Barry J. Ewell knows from personal experience.  In his travels he has found clues in everything from dusty relics to modern technology.  Now he is ready to share his experience and guide you through each step of your personal family history journey. Whether you’re just beginning your family history journey or you’re a seasoned genealogist, this book is the perfect road map to all the treasures still waiting for you in your personal family history.

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Following is the book’s Table of Contents:
Lesson 1: Genealogy Is a Repeatable Process
Lesson 2: Start Organized, Stay Organized
Lesson 3: Every Record Has Value
Lesson 4: Where to Find Records
Lesson 5: How to Search the Internet Like a Genealogist
Lesson 6: Field Research Is Required
Lesson 7: Cite and Verify Every Source
Lesson 8: If Sherlock Holmes Were a Genealogist
Lesson 9: Learn to Network
Lesson 10: Stay Connected to the Network
Lesson 11: Carefully Search Ancestor Writings
Lesson 12: Search Every Page of Hometown Newspapers
Lesson 13: Learn to Find the Origins of Immigrant Ancestor
Lesson 14: The Oral Interview Is the Most Valued Research
Lesson 15: Write and Publish Your Story
Epilogue: Genealogy, Prayer, and Inspiration

About the Author
Barry J. Ewell is the founder of, a website for individuals interested in learning, sharing, and discovering family history.

His professional career has been in advertising and public relations strategy for technology companies such as IBM and 3M.

Since being introduced to family history in 1998, he has researched his family roots in the United States, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Germany, and Russia. His focus has been to preserve the record of his family by doing oral and written histories, artifact preservation, and genealogy research.

Barry is an advocate of “Sharing Information to Join Generations.” He is a writer, presenter, researcher, and mentor of genealogists. Barry has authored articles, eBooks, videos and podcasts about his experience in Internet and field family history research, plus digital and software resources. He has presented and shared his knowledge and experience at local, regional, and national conferences.

Pages: 437 pp.
Published: 2012

Sample Amazon Reviews

Review:  Great Instruction for the Beginning Io Intermediate Genealogist
Most books about Genealogy fall into one of two camps: the first camp includes books that are all about feelings and anecdotal stories of how wonderful the author’s ancestors were and provide little to no useful instruction, while the second camp includes books about the best way to solve difficult research problems in a specific area of research and overwhelm the beginner. However, this book sits in neither camp. In this book the research process is introduced as a repeatable process divided into fifteen manageable and repeatable steps. After reading this book, I finally feel as if I can tackle the mounds of paperwork left to me by my great-aunt!—G.

Review:  Full of Information
This is an easy to follow book. Full of information! It reminds all family historians, from beginners to advanced that you need to be methodical and record everything, and where you got the information from. Also to keep your records tidy! A very good resource for all!—JE

Review:  Great Starting Place
I have been to a class taught by Barry. This book was a lot easier to read than my notes from that class. I am sure I will go back time and again to refresh my memory. There is so much info and it is all good. I love having it on my Kindle but might have to buy another dead tree copy to have nearby as I work on my family tree. The only way it could be better is to do the research for me!—Amazon Customer

Review:  Family Treasures is Just that, A Genealogical Treasure
From the beginning, this is a book that is designed to help the genealogy researcher accomplish more and in a more logical way. After starting two family tree projects about eighteen months ago, I adopted suggestions from a handful of newsletters along the way. What I found was a mixture of methodologies that didn’t always work together well. My solution was to stop using the ineffective processes.

The author, Barry Ewell, has the insights, ideas, and methods that seem to have evolved over years of genealogy researching. Most important for me is his way of keeping track of the work. “Where is it?” is a phrase that comes up too often in my conversations and thoughts. Maybe you can remember every research project you’ve taken on in the past year or more. I have too much going on to recollect what I’ve worked on, what the results were, and how it fits with my current work. Thank you, Barry Ewell, for making my genealogy work better, more efficiently, and faster.—Dennis

Review:  Excellent Book
This is an excellent book for the beginning genealogical Research. Full of great ideas, tips and resources to complete your research projects. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in doing research on their families.—Kathy

Review:  Inspiring For Every Genealogist!
Found the book inspiring and touched with his personal stories. Would have loved to see more personal stories scattered throughout the how-to information. The personal stories–much like those used in “Who Do You Think You Are” series, inspires us to look for more….be more specific, more accurate, and showing the possibilities to find more. This book does that and the excitement builds because it opens up more doors to find those missing puzzle pieces. Could hardly put it down. My only thoughts as I read how to keep ‘paper’ genealogical records if that will change in the near future and expand to meet our needs as genealogists. Original copies will always be necessary but the digital media now allows us to capture stories by a quick swipe of a paragraph and paste into our genealogy program. How much will things change as more and more records become digital. I’m anxious to continue and pick up tips that help continue my search. In order to inspire budding genealogists we have to show how it can be easily done and with just a few minutes allowed every day while they continue to work full-time jobs, working hard at stay-at-home mothers,and other obligations in our lives. We also have to appeal to those who have limited income, can’t afford to travel or purchase the original documents and records. Loved the ideas of keeping documentation on the locality…something I wish I had done early on in my research because when I finally had the opportunity to visit the area, I wasn’t prepared. As I continue reading, I will write down more ideas…but this is what I’ve gotten so far. I will definitely have to get a paper copy because I want to mark in the book and highlight things I want to go back to later.—Ramonyca

Review:  Great Information!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. My favorite chapters were Start Organized, Stay Organized; Every Record has Value; How to Search the Internet like a Genealogist; Field Work is required; Cite and Verify Every resource; If Sherlock Holmes Were a Genealogist; Learn to network; Stay Connected to the Network; and The Oral Interview is the most Valued Research. I have been doing family history for 20+ years and I was able to find at least one tidbit of information that I didn’t know or had forgotten about. This book is great for the beginning Genealogist. It is a very easy read. The information is presented in a clear, concise and easy to follow manner. Barry sprinkles his real life research experiences throughout the book. This book is also really good for the intermediate and advanced genealogist because it will remind you of things you may have forgotten or not seen the value of before. I highly recommend this book.—Jacqui

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