190 Genealogy articles to help you search the U.S. federal census

190 Census mastheadBy Barry J. Ewell

I have written and assembled 190+ articles and resource aids to provide you a more in-depth understanding of the census research process.  I have tried to cover every possible question and angle that you are likely to face in your U.S. census research.  I would encourage you to use the resources often.

You will be introduced to what I have used and shared with thousands to successfully find generations of family. Begin by learning how to use the census as a foundation to effective research, identify, map, and follow family through generations.

These resources will improved your knowledge and skills of how to conduct an exhaustive search to find genealogical and Family History records, repositories, resolve research problems and connect with resources researching similar lines.

U.S. federal census tutorials

How to cite/verify what you find

Follow ancestors through the census
Available records

Search every census

Pre-1850 census research

Post-1850 census research

Research example 1850-1930

African-American research

Search the original record

Immigration and naturalization


Migration patterns

Research strategies

Researching names in the census

Search strategies

Finding nicknames

Researching pre-1850

Researching surnames

First and middle names

Surname origins

Female surnames

Naming patterns

Defining your ancesto’sr age

Age problems

Age calculator

Expanding census research to other resources

Internet research

Library/society research

Details about specific records

Expand your census research with military records

Revolutionary War 1776-1783

War of 1812 (1812-1814

Mexican War 1846-1848

Early Indian Wars 1815-1858

Civil War 1861-1865

World War I 1917-1919

World War II 1941-1945

Researching military headstones

Researching military records

Census research best practices

Lessons learned

Tips and tricks