Genealogy: 1910 U.S. Census example, John I. Stewart 1850-1930

1910 Census ExampleBy Barry J. Ewell
This article is part of a series that I have developed to help you learn about the wealth of information you can research about each of your ancestors from the U.S. Federal Census.  We will follow John Isaac Stewart from the 1850 to 1930 Census:

  • In 1850 census, John does not appear (born within a few months after census) but we are able to see first view of the James M. Stewart Family
  • In 1860-1870 censuses, John is seen in the household of James M. Stewart
  • In 1880 census, John is shown with the marriage to Panola Owen, daughter of Thomas Allen Own
  • In1880-1920 censuses, John is shown with the growth and decline of his family
  • In 1930 censuses, Panola Owen Stewart is by herself after the death of John between the 1920-1930

Track your ancestors’ movement over time
Use the census records to track your ancestors’ movement over time, find names and rough birth years, determine relationships, learn birthplaces, find clues to the previous generation (such as their birthplace), learn street addresses, learn whether ancestors were slaves or slave owners, learn occupations, learn other country of birth, learn of other children who likely died young, learn year of immigration or naturalization, note naming patterns in your family, find clues to your family’s economic status, find some clues to education, find some clues to military service, find some clues to medical conditions, narrow year and place of marriage, learn about employment status, learn about exceptional circumstances (such as convicts and homeless children), learn native tongue, narrow death dates, and identify other potential branches of your family living nearby.

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1910 John I. Stewart example
The following shows the John I Stewart family in the 1910 U.S. Federal Census population schedule. Information for each member of the family will be provided. Click on any image to get a closer look.

1910 Census Example1910 Census Example1910 Census Example1910 Census Example1910 Census Example1910 Census Example1910 Census Example1910 Census Example1910 Census Example1910 Census Example