Genealogy: California, Library and society resource list

California, Library and society resource listBy Barry J. Ewell

As this article was being researched it became very clear that links to genealogy and historical societies, libraries, and archives are scattered throughout the web.  None of the resources are complete, yet all must reviewed to make sure you have not overlooked a possible source.  Many of the resources are compiled on lists of varying names while others are buried on page 50 of Google search. Rather than give you a few links and say “Go Fish” I chose to research and compile links to online state resources in the following categories:

  • State-wide Resources
  • University Archives and Collections
  • Public Library and Community Resources and Archives
  • Historical Society and Special Interest Resources and Archives
  • Finding State Digital Resources and Collections
  • Digital Library Collections
  • Historical and Genealogical Society Online Web Pages

While I have sought to provide you a detailed compilation, I know that I have missed some resources.  If you don’t find you seek, I suggest you contact the library or society nearest your place of interest and see if they can help you locate resources that may not be not be online but can be contacted via other means.

**Important note about links:  The links that are presented below represent what was available during the research of this article.  If the link you seek is broken, simple copy the name of the library, society, archive, etc. and paste it into the Google search engine and you will be lead to the new link or copy and paste the name of institution in Google and find the URL.

State-wide Resources (4)

  1. California Genealogical Society and Library:
  2. California Historical Society:
  3. California Secretary of State – Archives & Golden State Museum:
  4. California State Library:

University Archives and Collections (62)

  1. California Baptist University:
  2. California State University, Bakersfield:
  3. California State University, Channel Islands:
  4. California State University, Chico:
  5. California State University, Dominguez Hills:
  6. California State University, Fresno:
  7. California State University, Fullerton. Center for Oral and Public History:
  8. California State University, Fullerton. University Archives and Special Collections:
  9. California State University, Hayward:
  10. California State University, Long Beach:
  11. California State University, Los Angeles:
  12. California State University, Northridge:
  13. California State University, Sacramento:
  14. California State University, Stanislaus:
  15. California State University. Archives:
  16. Humboldt State University:
  17. Japanese American History Archives:
  18. Japanese American National Museum:
  19. La Sierra University. Archives:
  20. La Sierra University. Heritage Room:
  21. Loma Linda University:
  22. Loyola Marymount University:
  23. National Archives and Records Administration-Pacific Region (Laguna Niguel) :
  24. National Archives and Records Administration-Pacific Region (San Francisco) : l
  25. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Seaver Center for Western History Research:
  26. San Diego State University:
  27. San Francisco State University. de Bellis Collection:
  28. San Francisco State University. Labor Archives and Research Center:
  29. San Francisco State University. Special Collections and Archives:
  30. San Jose State University:
  31. Santa Clara University. Archives:
  32. Santa Clara University. Special Collections:
  33. Sonoma State University:
  34. Stanford University. Special Collections:
  35. Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound:
  36. Stanford Linear Accelerator Cente:
  37. Stanford University. Special Collections:
  38. University of California, Berkeley. Bancroft Library:
  39. University of California, Berkeley. East Asian Library:
  40. University of California, Berkeley. Environmental Design Archives:
  41. University of California, Berkeley. Water Resources Center Archives:
  42. University of California, Davis:
  43. University of California, Irvine. Special Collections:
  44. University of California, Los Angeles. Belt Library of Vinciana:
  45. University of California, Los Angeles. Ethnomusicology Archive:
  46. University of California, Los Angeles. Film and Television Archive:
  47. University of California, Los Angeles. Folklore and Mythology Archives:
  48. University of California, Los Angeles. Music Library:
  49. University of California, Los Angeles. Neuroscience History Archives:
  50. University of California, Los Angeles. Special Collections:
  51. University of California, Riverside. California Museum of Photography:
  52. University of California, Riverside. Special Collections:
  53. University of California, San Diego:
  54. University of California, San Francisco:
  55. University of California, Santa Barbara. Special Collections: l
  56. University of California, Santa Cruz. Special Collections:
  57. University of San Francisco. Archives:
  58. University of San Francisco. Rare Book Room:
  59. University of San Francisco. Ricci Institute:
  60. University of Southern California. Archival Research Center:
  61. University of Southern California. Cinema-Television Library: /
  62. University of the Pacific:

Public Library and Community Resources and Archives (60)

  1. Albany– Albany Public Library:
  2. Alturas–  Modoc County Library:
  3. Anaheim–Anaheim Public Library:
  4. Arcadia–Arcadia Public Library:
  5. Berkeley–Berkeley Public Library:
  6. Chino–  Slovak Genealogical Research Center:
  7. Chula Vista–Chula Vista Public Library:
  8. Corona–Corona Public Library:
  9. Dixon– Dixon Public Library:
  10. Escondido–Escondido Public Library:
  11. Fremont–Fremont Main Library:
  12. Fresno–Fresno County Public Library:
  13. Fullerton–Fullerton Public Library:
  14. Glendale–Glendale Public Library:
  15. Long Beach–Long Beach Public Library:
  16. Los Angeles –Archdiocese of Los Angeles:
  17. Los Angeles–Autry National Center. Institute for the Study of the American West:
  18. Los Angeles–Getty Research Library:
  19. Los Angeles–Los Angeles County Museum of Art:
  20. Los Angeles–Los Angeles Public Library. History and Genealogy Department:
  21. Los Angeles–Los Angeles Public Library. Rare Books Department:
  22. Los Angeles–Los Angeles Public Library:
  23. Mill Valley–Mill Valley Public Library:
  24. Modesto–Stanislaus County Free Library:
  25. Monterey–Monterey Public Library, California History Room:
  26. Monterey–Monterey Public Library:
  27. Napa–Napa Valley Genealogy Library:
  28. Oakland–Oakland Public Library: Palos Verdes Estates–Malaga Cove Plaza Library:
  29. Palos Verdes–Palos Verdes Library District:
  30. Pasadena–Pasadena Public Library:
  31. Pomona–Pomona Public Library:
  32. Redding–Shasta County Library:
  33. Redwood City–Redwood City Public Library, Karl A. Vollmayer Local History Room:
  34. Redwood City–Redwood City Public Library:
  35. Riverside–Riverside Public Library:
  36. Rosemead–Rosemead Public Library. Californiana Collection :
  37. Sacramento–California State Library:
  38. Sacramento–Sacramento Public Library:
  39. San Francisco–California State Library, California History Room:
  40. San Francisco–California State Library, Sutro Library:
  41. San Francisco–Holt Labor Library:
  42. San Francisco–San Francisco Public Library , African American Center:
  43. San Francisco–San Francisco Public Library, Filipino American Center:
  44. San Francisco–San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco History Center:
  45. San Jose–San Jose Public Library, California Room:
  46. San Rafael–Marin County Free Library:
  47. Santa Ana–Santa Ana Public Library:
  48. Santa Cruz–Santa Cruz Public Library:
  49. Santa Monica–Santa Monica Public Library:
  50. Santa Rosa–Sanoma County Public Library:
  51. Santa Rosa–Sonoma County Library:
  52. Stockton–Cesar Chavez Central Library:
  53. Stockton–Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library:
  54. Sutro–Sutro Library:
  55. Thousand Oaks–Thousand Oaks Public Library:
  56. Torrance–Torrance Public Library:
  57. Upland–Upland Public Library:
  58. Visalia–Tulare County Library:
  59. Woodland–Yolo County Archives:
  60. Yreka–Siskiyou County Library:

Historical Society and Special Interest Resources and Archives (7)

  1. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:
  2. African American Museum and Library at Oakland:
  3. Archdiocese of Los Angeles:
  4. California Historical Society:
  5. Fresno Historical Society:
  6. Pacific Grove Heritage Society:
  7. San Diego Historical Society:

Digital Library Collections (30)

  1. Online Archive of California:
  2. USC Digital Archive:
  3. Archival Research Center:
  4. Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection:
  5. California State University, Northridge, San Fernando Valley History Digital Library:
  6. California State University, Sacramento, Library, California Underground Railroad:
  7. Claremont Colleges, Libraries, The Digital Library:
  8. San Diego Library Consortium, The Circuit:
  9. Stanford University Libraries/Academic Information Resources, SUL/AIR Digital Library Program:
  10. Humanities Digital Information Service:
  11. Social Sciences Data Service:
  12. Geographic Information Systems:
  13. University of California, International and Area Studies Digital Collection:
  14. University of California Libraries, California Digital Library:
  15. Digital Collections by Subject:
  17. eScholarship Repository:
  18. University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE:
  19. University of California, Berkeley, Regional Oral History Office, Oral Histories Online! Collection:
  20. Digital Collections by Subject:
  21. University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA Digital Library:
  22. University of California, Santa Barbara, Alexandria Digital Library Project:
  23. University of California Press, E-Books:
  24. University of Southern California, Archival Research Center, Digital Archive:
  25. University of Southern California, Learning with ISLA:
  26. ISLA Web site
  27. Digital Archive:
  28. Electronic Resources:
  29. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library:
  30. Alexandria Digital Library Project:   –