Genealogy: Census Records—There is more than population schedules

Census Records—There is more than population schedulesBy Barry J. Ewell

Be aware that in addition to population schedules, there were other schedules taken usually at the same time. There are resources online and in print that provide more detail on these schedules and how to use them in genealogy research. These other schedules include the following:

  • Mortality Schedule: conducted from 1850 to 1885, provides information about persons who died during the twelve months prior to the census.
  • Veterans Schedule: conducted in 1840 and 1890, provides information about Union veterans and their widows.
  • Slaves Schedule: conducted in 1850 and 1860, shows slave owners and the number of slaves they owned. Slave schedules play a very important role in identifying the person who owned the slaves.
  • Agricultural Schedule: conducted in 1850 to 1880, provides data on farms and the names of the farmers.
  • Manufacturing Schedule: conducted in 1810 (fragments only), 1820, and 1850-1880, provides information on businesses and industries.
  • Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Schedule: conducted in 1880, focuses on handicapped, paupers, or criminals.
  • Indian Schedules: conducted in 1910. Indian schedules are found at the end of the regular population schedules for each county. The Indian schedules are similar to regular population schedules but have some slightly different questions. They are not to be confused with the Indian census rolls.
  • Institutions Schedule: usually follows the county population schedules and include jails, hospitals, poor houses, or asylums.
  • Merchant Seamen Schedule: conducted on United States flag merchant vessels in 1930.
  • Military and Naval Forces Schedule: conducted from 1900 to 1930 on forts, bases, and Navy ships, and is usually found after the population schedule.
  • Social Statistics Schedule: conducted from 1850 to 1870, includes information about real estate, annual taxes, cemeteries, school statistics, libraries, newspapers, and churches.

The following charts provides the availability of the schedules:1790-1840 Census schedules

Indian Population
Merchant Seamen
Social Statistics

1850-1940 Census schedules

BusinessYes (1935)
Indian PopulationYes
Merchant SeamenYes
Social StatisticsYesYesYes


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