Genealogy census tip: Search every census schedule

CensusBy Barry J. Ewell
Understand every census has different information and that there are a variety of census schedules.  These schedules include the well-known population schedule but there are also mortality schedules, agricultural schedules, state censuses and more. Search every census schedule for the each individual. For example, If I was researching my grandfather who lived from 1852 to 1922, I would begin by listing all of the census that were taken during his life time and then look to see where I could search the census.  In the case of my grandfather, the following are the schedules that were taken during are listed below.  Will I search each one?  I will become familiar with the schedule and then decide if it applies to my grandfather and his family. Schedules taken include:

  • 1856 Utah State Census
  • 1860 Federal Population Schedule
  • 1860 Agricultural Census Schedule
  • 1860 Federal Mortality Schedule
  • 1860 Industrial Schedule
  • 1860 Slave Schedule
  • 1860 Social Statistics Schedule
  • 1870 Federal Population Schedule
  • 1870 Agricultural Census Schedule
  • 1870 Industrial Schedule
  • 1870 Federal Mortality Schedule
  • 1870 Social Statistics Schedule
  • 1880 Federal Population Schedule
  • 1880 Agricultural Census Schedule
  • 1880 Federal Mortality Schedule
  • 1880 Defective Schedules
  • 1880 Manufacturing Schedule
  • 1890 Federal Population Schedule (99% of schedule is lost to fire and flood)
    1890 Veterans Schedule
  • 1900 Federal Population Schedule
  • 1900 Indian Schedule
  • 1910 Federal Population Schedule
  • 1920 Federal Population Schedule