Genealogy: Delaware, Library and society resource list

Delaware, Library and society resource listBy Barry J. Ewell

As this article was being researched it became very clear that links to genealogy and historical societies, libraries, and archives are scattered throughout the web.  None of the resources are complete, yet all must reviewed to make sure you have not overlooked a possible source.  Many of the resources are compiled on lists of varying names while others are buried on page 50 of Google search. Rather than give you a few links and say “Go Fish” I chose to research and compile links to online state resources in the following categories:State-wide Resources

  • University Archives and Collections
  • Public Library and Community Resources and Archives
  • Historical Society and Special Interest Resources and Archives
  • Finding State Digital Resources and Collections
  • Digital Library Collections
  • Historical and Genealogical Society Online Web Pages

While I have sought to provide you a detailed compilation, I know that I have missed some resources.  If you don’t find you seek, I suggest you contact the library or society nearest your place of interest and see if they can help you locate resources that may not be not be online but can be contacted via other means.

**Important note about links:  The links that are presented below represent what was available during the research of this article.  If the link you seek is broken, simple copy the name of the library, society, archive, etc. and paste it into the Google search engine and you will be lead to the new link or copy and paste the name of institution in Google and find the URL.

State-wide Resources (5)

  1. Delaware Genealogical Society:
  2. Delaware Public Archives:
  3. Delaware’s Division of Libraries:
  4. Delaware –The Digital Library of the First State:
  5. Historical Society of Delaware:

University Archives and Collections (3)

  1. University of Delaware. Special Collections:
  2. University of Delaware. University Archives:
  3. Winterthur Library:

Public Library and Community Resources and Archives (4)

  1. Dover–Delaware Public Archives:
  2. Newark–University of Delaware Library:
  3. Wilmington–Historical Society of Delaware Research Library:
  4. Wilmington–Jewish Historical Society of Delaware:

Digital Library Collections (3)

  1. Photograph Exhibits:
  2. University of Delaware Library Postcard Collection:
  3. DelAWARE, the Digital Library of the First State: