Genealogy: Where to find archives for major US religious denominations

Where to find archives for major US religious denominationsBy Barry J. Ewell

The following are locations for finding the archives of various US religious denominations:

  1. Adventists—Washington, DC
  2. American Baptists—Rochester, NY
  3. Southern Baptists—Nashville, TN
  4. Brethren in Christ Church—Grantham, PA
  5. Church of Christ, Scientist—Boston, MA
  6. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons)—Salt Lake City, UT
  7. Churches of Christ—Memphis, TN
  8. Congregational—Boston, MA
  9. Disciples of Christ—Nashville, TN
  10. Greek Orthodox—New York, NY
  11. Jewish—Cincinnati, OH; Waltham, MA
  12. Evangelical Lutherans—Chicago, IL
  13. Missouri Synod Lutherans—St. Louis, MO
  14. United Methodists—Madison, NJ
  15. Pentecostal—Tulsa, OK
  16. Presbyterians—Philadelphia, PA; Montreat, NC
  17. Episcopalian—check local parishes
  18. Reformed Church—New Brunswick, NJ
  19. Roman Catholic—Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN; Catholic University, Washington, DC
  20. Quakers (Society of Friends)—Swarthmore, PA, for Hicksite
  21. records; Haverford, PA, for Orthodox records
  22. United Church of Christ—Boston, MA; Lancaster, PA
  23. Unitarian and Universalist—Harvard Divinity School, Cam¬bridge, MA

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