Genealogy: Indiana, Library and society resource list

Indiana, Library and society resource listBy Barry J. Ewell

As this article was being researched it became very clear that links to genealogy and historical societies, libraries, and archives are scattered throughout the web.  None of the resources are complete, yet all must reviewed to make sure you have not overlooked a possible source.  Many of the resources are compiled on lists of varying names while others are buried on page 50 of Google search. Rather than give you a few links and say “Go Fish” I chose to research and compile links to online state resources in the following categories:

  1. State-wide Resources
  2. University Archives and Collections
  3. Public Library and Community Resources and Archives
  4. Historical Society and Special Interest Resources and Archives
  5. Finding State Digital Resources and Collections
  6. Digital Library Collections
  7. Historical and Genealogical Society Online Web Pages

While I have sought to provide you a detailed compilation, I know that I have missed some resources.  If you don’t find you seek, I suggest you contact the library or society nearest your place of interest and see if they can help you locate resources that may not be not be online but can be contacted via other means.

**Important note about links:  The links that are presented below represent what was available during the research of this article.  If the link you seek is broken, simple copy the name of the library, society, archive, etc. and paste it into the Google search engine and you will be lead to the new link or copy and paste the name of institution in Google and find the URL.

State-wide Resources (4)

  1. Indiana Genealogical Society:
  2. Indiana Historical Society:
  3. Indiana State Archives:
  4. Indiana State Library:

University Archives and Collections (23)

  1. Anderson University:
  2. Ball State University. Archives and Special Collections:
  3. Ball State University. Drawings and Documents Archive:
  4. DePauw University:
  5. Huntington College, United Brethren Historical Center:
  6. Indiana State University:
  7. Indiana University Northwest:
  8. Indiana University South Bend:
  9. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis:
  10. Indiana University. Archives:
  11. Indiana University. Archives of Traditional Music:
  12. Indiana University. Kinsey Institute:
  13. Indiana University. Lilly Library:
  14. Indiana University. Music Library:
  15. Indiana University. Ohio Valley-Great Lakes Ethnohistory Archive:
  16. Purdue University:
  17. Purdue University Calumet:
  18. University of Evansville:
  19. University of Notre Dame. Archives:
  20. University of Notre Dame. Rare Books and Special Collections:
  21. University of Southern Indiana:
  22. Valparaiso University:
  23. Vincennes University:

Public Library and Community Resources and Archives (47)

  1. Alameda–Alameda McCollough Library:
  2. Anderson–Anderson Public Library, Indiana Room:
  3. Angola–Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County:
  4. Auburn–Eckhart Public Library, William H. Willennar Genealogy:
  5. Bloomington–Monroe County Public Library, Indiana Room:
  6. Bloomington–Monroe County Public Library:
  7. Center Point–Clay County Genealogical Society Library:  Connersville–Fayette County Public Library:
  8. Danville–Danville Public Library (IN) :
  9. Danville–Danville Public Library, Indiana Room:
  10. Delphi–Carroll County Museum Genealogy Library:
  11. Evansville–Willard Library:
  12. Fort Wayne–Allen County Public Library, Historical Genealogy Department:
  13. Frankfort–Frankfort Community Public Library:
  14. Franklin–Franklin Library:
  15. Goshen–Goshen College, Good Library, Mennonite Historical Library:
  16. Kokomo–Kokomo-Howard County Public Library:
  17. Lafayette–Tippecanoe County Public Library:
  18. LaPorte–LaPorte County Public Library:
  19. Lebanon–Lebanon Public Library, Ralph W. Stark Heritage Room:  Liberty–Union County Public Library:
  20. Madison–Madison-Jefferson County Public Library:
  21. Marion–Marion Public Library, Irene Reed Indiana History and Genealogy Services:
  22. Marion–Marion Public Library:
  23. Martinsville–Morgan County Public Library:
  24. Michigan City–Michigan City Public Library:
  25. New Albany–New Albany Public Library, Indiana Room:
  26. Noblesville–Hamilton East Public Library, Indiana Room:
  27. North Manchester–Manchester College, Funderburg Library: l
  28. Peru–Peru Public Library:
  29. Plainfield–Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library:
  30. Plymouth–Marshall County Historical Society Research Library:
  31. Plymouth–Plymouth Public Library:
  32. Rockport–Spencer County Public Library:
  33. Rockville–Rockville Public Library:
  34. South Bend–St. Joseph County Public Library:
  35. Spencer–Owen County Public Library:
  36. St. Joseph–St. Joseph County Public Library:
  37. Sullivan–Sullivan County Public Library:
  38. Terre Haute–Vigo County Public Library:
  39. Tipton–Tipton County Public Library:
  40. Valparaiso–Valparaiso Public Library: Index.htm
  41. Vevay–Switzerland County Public Library:
  42. Wabash–Wabash Carnegie Library:
  43. Warsaw–Warsaw Community Public Library:
  44. Zionsville–Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library:
  45. Zionsville–Sullivan Museum and Genealogy Library:

Historical Society and Special Interest Resources and Archives (7)

  1. American Legion:
  2. Archives of African American Music and Culture, Bloomington:
  3. Archives of the Mennonite Church:
  4. Black Film Center/Archive:
  5. Clinton County Historical Society:
  6. Delaware County Historical Society:
  7. Goshen College. Mennonite Historical Library:

Finding State Digital Resources and Collections (1)

  1. INSPIRE – Indiana’s Online Research Library:

This Indiana’s Virtual Library contains a collection of commercial databases and other information resources that can be accessed by Indiana residents. Available resources include magazines, encyclopedias, journals, library catalogs, and more.

Digital Library Collections (5)

  1. Indiana University, Digital Library Program:
  2. Digital Collections by Subject:
  3. Indiana University Bloomington Libraries and University Information Technology Services, Library Electronic Text Resource Service (LETRS) :
  4. Hoosier Heritage:
  5. Victorian Women Writers Project: