Genealogy: Taking better digital family portrait photos

Taking better digital family portrait photosBy Barry J. Ewell

Grouping subjects together in interesting and fun arrangements makes for memorable photos. Also allow everyone to get comfortable before you start shooting. Waiting for them to talk or tell a story can do the trick.  If shooting a big group, consider creating two or three small clusters of people within the frame. A couple loose groupings of three people each works well.

Choose the right clothes. Have your subjects dress in clothes that work well together—such as pieces in the same color palette—but are not the same. Subtle patterns can add interest to the shot.

Fill the frame. Don’t let your photo be ruined by a cluttered background. Zoom in to ensure your family takes up the full picture frame. Cropping in close will also produce a photo that shows great detail on people’s faces.

Shoot subjects at eye level. Positioning your camera at or slightly below your subjects’ eye level will create a more personal photo.

Try extreme angles. Take family photos from interesting vantage points to create images that surprise and please the eye.

Get close up. Use your HP camera’s Macro mode to fill the camera’s viewfinder and explore the finer details of your loved-ones’ faces. Check the manual for your camera’s closest focusing distance.