Genealogy: Transfer and edit your video

By Barry J. Ewell

Whichever video capture option you choose, the steps for capturing and editing the video from your camcorder or VCR are basically the same:

Connect your VCR/Camcorder to input jacks on the video card or external device

Open the editing software to capture the video  
Open your video software and select the “import” or “capture” option. The software should then walk you through the steps necessary for recording the video to your computer.

Save the video at the highest quality possible  
Old videotapes are already of poor enough quality.  Saving the video at the highest quality will help to keep the footage from losing any more quality during the compression process. You don’t have enough space on your hard drive? Consider capturing, editing and burning small sections of video at a time. Once you have transferred the film to DVD, delete it from your hard drive to free up precious space. Now you are ready to transfer the next section of video footage.

Edit out unwanted footage  
Unlike VHS tapes, once you have transferred the footage to your computer, you are now able to create a “clean” finished product with your digital video editing software by

  • Editing and rearranging the scenes as you want them to appear.
  • Adding special features such as titles, photos, narration, menus and background music.