25+ Introduction to African-American Genealogy Tutorials

25+ Introduction to African-American Genealogy TutorialsThe African-American Research series is provided as a sampling  the resources you will find on MyGenShare.com.  These videos are part of the Genealogy Records category featuring an online library designed to help genealogists and family historians learn about records, research skills and processes to advance the joining of generations.

Search suggestions: Once you find the video that you are seeking do one of the following:

  1. Scroll and page to the video.
  2. Copy and place the video title or portion of the title in the blog search field, click search and you will be directed to video.
  3. Click on the listing and your will be taken to the video.

A listing of the available video in this series is as follows:

African-American #1:  Introduction to African-American genealogy research
African-American #2: Why is African American genealogy different?
African-American #3:  The cardinal rules of genealogical research
African-American #4:  Learn the fundamentals and follow the process
African-American #5: Gather oral history and family records

African-American #6:  Documenting the contemporary family–Step 1 Insights
African-American #7:  Take your family back to 1870–Step 2
African-American #8:  Collecting evidence from vital records–Step 2 Insights
African-American #9:  African-American genealogy research:  Step 3
African-American #10:  Was your ancestor born free or freed by a slave owner?–Step 3 Insights

African-American #11:  Learn African-American genealogy historical insights–Step 3 Insights
African-American #12:  Making the slave connection–Step 3 Insights
African-American #13:  Research the slave owner and slavery–Step 4
African-American #14:  Researching the last slave owner–Step 4 Insights
African-American #15:  Tracing slave ancestors over time–Step 4 Insights

African-American #16:  Searching records for slaves–Step 4 Insights
African-American #17:  Finding and using plantation records–Step 4 Insights
African-American #18:  Back to Africa–Step 5
African-American # 19:  Research Canada and the Caribbean–Step 6
African-American # 20:  Epilogue

African-American # 21:  African-American research clues
African-American #22:  Emancipation timeline
African-American #23:  Find African-American resources online
African-American #24:  African-American genealogy websites
African-American #25:  African-American genetics and DNA research websites
African-American #26:  African-American history websites