40+ My Favorite Genealogy Stories (Inspirational and Funny)

40+ Inspirational and Funny Genealogy StoriesThe My Favorite Genealogy Story series is provided as a sampling the resources you will find on MyGenShare.com.  The series will provide you inspirational stories that are reflective of the experiences all genealogists have at one time or another.

This series of articles also includes a podcast version of the story that you can listen to.

Search suggestions: Once you find the genealogy story that you would like to read/listen to:

  1. Scroll and page to the resource.
  2. Copy and place the story title or portion of the tile in the blog search field, click search and you will be directed to story.
  3. Click on the listing and your will be taken to the story.

A listing of the available genealogy stories in this series is as follows:

  1. Back walk is tombstones
  2. Just a scrap of paper
  3. Family Jeannie-ology
  4. A catchy rhyme
  5. The colorful family of Dale O. Duncan
  6. Grandfather receives letter after 52 years
  7. All in the family
  8. A desire to learn more
  9. As time goes by
  10. Dad fixed it!
  11. Genealogy can come from anywhere
  12. Smiths – A miniscule chance
  13. A.C. Benight – Acey B. Knight
  14. My favorite quotations concerning genealogy and history
  15. It pays to be thankful
  16. A single shot in the dark telephone call
  17. It takes a sense of humor!
  18. Do you love me?
  19. A hearty meal
  20. The gene-bug won
  21. An unbelievably true story
  22. An honest woman
  23. The genealogist’s warning
  24. Surprises found in strange places
  25. Five generations or two blocks away
  26. Believe it or not…
  27. Crossways graves
  28. Blind letters pay off
  29. Adventurous spirit still lives
  30. The shoemaker and the aristocrat
  31. Friends provide best information
  32. It’s a small world
  33. Just Names & Dates
  34. Thirteenth generation brother
  35. Road map of what makes us tick
  36. What are the odds?
  37. Treasures unknowingly saved / destroyed
  38. The magic platter
  39. Tour of duty locates family
  40. Minnesota cousins
  41. Rorschach test at work
  42. Language dialects are important