Journal Writing: Record your day in creative new ways

Journal Writing: Record your day in creative new waysBy Barry J. Ewell

What do you write in your journal about your day? Perhaps it read something like: “Today I woke up, had Special K for breakfast and went to work where Catherine spent all day gossiping about Jenny’s new haircut.”

Consider some of the following ideas:

  1. 1. Lists: List parts of your day. Try writing about
    1. Things that made you smile today
    2. Choices you had to make today
    3. People you talked to today (and what the conversation was about)
    4. Conversations you overheard
    5. Feelings you had over the day
  2. 2. Gather up pieces of paper in your life for one day. The pos¬sibilities are endless, and it’s fun to look back on years later. The following are some examples of things you can gather:
    1. Your bus ticket in the morning
    2. Receipts from any shopping
    3. A note from a friend left on your door
    4. Scribbles from your note pad at work
    5. A cutting from today’s paper or magazine that you read.
  3. Use your digital or phone camera to make a visual journal for the day.
  4. Write your day as if you were telling a story about yourself. Write about your day in the third person: “BJ was tired from a restless night when she tripped over the cat on the way to the shower.”
  5. Write about the most ordinary parts of your day. Little ordi¬nary details, such as the following, will be interesting read¬ing in years to come.
    1. What you ate
    2. The journey to work
    3. How you choose what to wear each day
  6. Write to your future self. This can be a letter, words of advice, or simply explaining about your day-to-day life.