Journal Writing: Find the right journal for you

Journal Writing: Find the right journal for youBy Barry J. Ewell

Journaling should feel like coming home and curling up in your favorite space. So what can help you to achieve that feeling? First and foremost, find a journal that represents you. Will you be carrying it around? If so, you will want a compact one. Do you like to fold the book back on itself? Try a wire bound journal. Do you want lined pages or blank? Now for the fun part! Do you like colorful, floral, or textile designs? Silly characters? Black-and-white photos, or maybe even reprints of famous paintings on the covers? Think about all of these things and then experiment to see which type suits you best. Discovering your ancestors’ writings is a great way to get to know them more personally. Be sure to leave your own written legacy, as well, so that future generations can have a way to get to know you.