Recipe: Baked Ham

Another very appetizing way in which to cook an entire HAM is to bake it. This involves both cooking in water on the top of the stove and baking in the oven. While this recipe, as well as those preceding, specifies HAM, it should be remembered that shoulder may be cooked in the same ways.

For baked HAM, proceed in the way just explained for boiled HAM, but boil only 12 minutes for each pound. Take the HAM from the kettle and allow it to cool enough to permit it to be handled. Remove the skin. Then place the HAM in a ROASTing pan and pour over it 1 cupful of water. Bake 12 minutes for each pound and baste frequently while baking. Serve hot or cold.

Woman’s Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 3
Volume 3: Soup; Meat; Poultry and Game; Fish and Shell Fish (Year 1928)