Recipe: Boiled Dumplings, Custard Sauce

Boil half a pound of rice, drain and mash it moderately fine. Add to it two ounces of butter, three ounces of sugar, half a saltspoonful of mixed ground spice, salt and the yolks of two eggs. Moisten a trifle with a tablespoonful or two of cream. With floured hands shape the mixture into balls, and tie them in floured PUDDING cloths. Steam or boil forty minutes and send to table with a CUSTARD Sauce made as follows:—
Mix together four ounces of sugar and two ounces of butter (slightly warmed). Beat together the yolks of two eggs and a gill of cream; mix and pour the Sauce in a double Saucepan; set this in a pan of hot water and whisk thoroughly three minutes. Set the Saucepan in cold water and whisk until the Sauce is cooled.

The Whitehouse Cookbook, by Mrs. F.L. Gillette (Year 1887)