Recipe: Boiled Frosting

To one pound of finest pulverized sugar add three wine-glassfuls of clear water. Let it stand until it dissolves; then boil it until it is perfectly clear and threads from the spoon. Beat well the whites of four eggs. Pour the sugar into the dish with the eggs, but do not mix them until the syrup is luke-warm; then beat all well together for one-half hour.

Season to your taste with vanilla, rose-water, or lemon juice. The first coating may be put on the CAKE as soon as it is well mixed. Rub the CAKE with a little flour before you apply the ICING. While the first coat is drying continue to beat the remainder; you will not have to wait long if the CAKE is set in a warm place near the fire. This is said to be a most excellent recipe for ICING.

The Whitehouse Cookbook, by Mrs. F.L. Gillette (Year 1887)