Recipe: Cabbage Salad

A SALAD that always finds favor is made by combining cabbage with a boiled SALAD Dressing or with an uncooked sour-CREAM Dressing. SALAD of this kind may be served in any desired way, but a rather novel way to serve it is illustrated in Fig. 2. The contents of a head of cabbage is removed, leaving four or five of the outside leaves intact. The shell thus formed is cut into points around the top and then filled with shredded cabbage and the Dressing that is to be used. When this is placed on a bed of lettuce, an attractive dish is the result.

To make cabbage SALAD, select a firm head of cabbage, pull off the outside leaves, and wash. Cut the head in half down through the heart and root and cut each half into quarters. Then, as shown in Fig. 3, place each quarter on a cutting board and with a sharp knife shave off the cabbage. If desired, however, the cabbage may be shredded with a cabbage cutter. If the cabbage, upon being cut, is found to be wilted, place it in cold water and let it stand until it becomes crisp.

Drain off the water carefully and allow the cabbage to drip in a colander or dry it between pieces of old linen. With the cabbage thus prepared, season it with salt and mix it with the desired Dressing. Serve on lettuce in a SALAD dish, on individual SALAD plates.

Woman’s Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 4
by Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences (Year 1928)