Recipe: Carrots and Rice

1 breakfastcupful of rice, 6 medium-sized carrots, 2 oz. of butter, 1 tablespoonful of finely chopped Parsley, 1 tablespoonful of Allinson fine wheatmeal, pepper and salt to taste. Boil the rice in 1 quart of water until quite tender and dry; meanwhile slice the carrots and stew them in 1 pint of water and 1 oz. of butter until quite tender, thicken them with the meal, add seasoning and the parsley. Set the rice in the form of a ring on a dish, pile the carrots in the centre, sprinkle a few breadcrumbs over the whole, also the butter cut into little bits, and bake the dish in a moderate oven for 20 minutes.

The Allinson Vegetarian Cookery Book, by Thomas R. Allinson (Year 1915)