Recipe: Cauliflower and Potato Pie

1 fair-sized boiled (cold) cauliflower, 1 lb. of cold boiled POTATOES, 1 pint of milk, 3 eggs, 8 oz. of Allinson fine wheatmeal, 1-1/2 oz. of butter, 4 oz. of grated cheese, pepper and salt to taste. Cut up the cauliflower and POTATOES, sprinkle half the cheese between the vegetables, make a batter of the milk and eggs and meal, add seasoning to it, place the vegetables in a pie-dish, pour the batter over them, cut the butter into little bits and put them on the top of the pie, sprinkle the rest of the cheese over all, and bake for 1 hour.

The Allinson Vegetarian Cookery Book, by Thomas R. Allinson (Year 1915)