Recipe: Cerel Beverages

Ceral Beverages as the name implies, are made from cereals. Of these, the cereal COFFEEs are perhaps the most common. They contain nothing that is harmful, and are slightly beneficial in that they assist in giving the body some of the necessary liquid. However, they have absolutely no food value and are therefore of no importance in the diet except to take the place of stimulating beverages that are likely to injure those who drink them. They are made of cereals to which sugar or molasses is added, and the whole is then baked until the cereals brown and the sugar caramelizes, the combination producing a flavor much like that of COFFEE. Plain roasted wheat or bran can be used very well as a substitute in the making of these beverages. In the parts of the country where rye is extensively grown, it is roasted in the oven until it is an even brown in color. It is then used almost exclusively by some persons to make rye COFFEE, a beverage that closely resembles COFFEE in flavor.
78. The instantaneous cereal beverages are made by drawing all the flavor possible out of the material by means of water. The water is then evaporated and the hard substance that remains is ground until it is almost a powder. When water is added again, this substance becomes soluble instantly. Instantaneous COFFEE is prepared in the same way. The way in which to use these beverages depends, of course, on the kind selected, but no difficulty will be experienced in their preparation, for explicit directions are always found in or on all packages Containing them.

Woman’s Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 5
by Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences (Year 1928)