Recipe: Chicken Tamales

Soak the corn husks in cold water for two hours. Place in a Saucepan

  • Two cups of CHICKEN stock,
  • One teaspoon of salt,
  • Three-quarters cup of cornmeal.

Cook until thick mush, cool and then place in a bowl

  • Three-quarters cup of finely chopped CHICKEN meat,
  • One onion, chopped fine,
  • Two green peppers, chopped fine,
  • Six olives, chopped fine,
  • Two dozen seeded raisins.

Mix thoroughly and then drain the corn husks. Spread a layer of the corn mush on one part, place a tablespoon of the CHICKEN filling in place and then cover with more corn mush, forming a roll a little larger than a PIGEONS. Tie securely in corn husk and place in a steamer or a double boiler and cook for one and one-quarter hours. Other meat may be used to replace the CHICKEN and water may be used in place of the CHICKEN stock to make the mush.

Foods That Will Win The War And How To Cook Them (Year 1918)
by C. Houston Goudiss and Alberta M. Goudiss