Recipe: Cold Glazed Fillets of Partridge

Roast a brace of Partridges, fillet them, pound the meat from the carcases in a mortar with truffles and mushrooms; simmer the bones in some vin de Grave, with truffle trimmings, shalots, and a bayleaf, which reduce on the fire to about three-quarters the quantity; squeeze through a cloth, add two tablespoonfuls of clear stock to it, and stir half of it into the pounded meat; mix it thoroughly, and stir it until it boils; pass it through a tammy, and leave to get cold. Arrange the fillets, with a tomato cut the same shape between each one, in a circle round an entrée dish; fill the centre with the purée, cover the whole with the remainder of the Sauce, and garnish with croûtons of aspic jelly.

Dressed Game and Poultry à la Mode, by
Harriet A. de Salis (Year1888)