Recipe: French Bean Soup

  •  3 pints water.
  •  1 pint soaked haricot beans.
  •  2 POTATOES.
  •  1 ounce butter.
  •  1 onion.
  •  1 pound French beans.
  •  1 teaspoon salt.
  •  1 dozen peppercorns.

Dissolve the butter in a Saucepan and fry in it the POTATOES and onion sliced for five minutes, then add the haricot beans and water and boil for two hours. Add the salt, rub through a wire sieve, replace in the pan, add the French beans cut fine, and simmer until tender. Tinned beans do equally well, and only require to be made thoroughly hot.

New Vegetarian Dishes, by Mrs. Bowdich (Year 1892)