Recipe: Lentil Broth

  •  ½ pint soaked lentils.
  •  1 tablespoon pearl barley.
  •  1 quart water.
  •  1 ounce butter.
  •  1 shalot sliced.
  •  1 flat teaspoon salt.
  •  3 peppercorns.

3 allspice, and a small strip of lemon peel, tied in muslin.
Place altogether in a Saucepan with the exception of the salt, which should be added later, and boil gently for two hours, removing the scum as it rises. Strain and serve with sippets of freshly-made toast.

Note.—The above will be found a very excellent substitute for MUTTON BROTH, being very nourishing, and tasty; when liked a turnip maybe added, and will give additional flavour. The lentils and barley, which have been strained, may be used in many ways.

New Vegetarian Dishes, by Mrs. Bowdich (Year 1892)