Recipe: Lobster Patties

Cut some boiled LOBSTER in small pieces; then take the small claws and the spawn, put them in a suitable dish, and jam them to a paste with a potato masher. Now add to them a ladleful of gravy or BROTH, with a few bread crumbs; set it over the fire and boil; strain it through a strainer, or sieve, to the thickness of a CREAM, and put half of it to your LOBSTERs, and save the other half to Sauce them with after they are baked. Put to the LOBSTER the bigness of an egg of butter, a little pepper and salt; squeeze in a lemon, and warm these over the fire enough to melt the butter, set it to cool, and sheet your patty pan or a plate or dish with good puff paste, then put in your LOBSTER, and cover it with a paste; bake it within three-quarters of an hour before you want it; when it is baked, cut up your cover, and warm up the other half of your Sauce above mentioned, with a little butter, to the thickness of CREAM, and pour it over your patty, with a little squeezed lemon; cut your cover in two, and lay it on the top, two inches distant, so that what is under may be seen. You may bake crawfish, shrimps or prawns the same way; and they are all proper for plates or little dishes for a second course.

The Whitehouse Cookbook, by Mrs. F.L. Gillette (Year 1887)