Recipe: Macaroni and Cheese

  •  1/4 lb. of MACARONI.
  •  1/4 lb. grated cheese.
  •  Salt and white pepper to taste.
  •  1/2 pt. milk.
  •  1 tsp. butter.

Break the MACARONI in pieces about 3 inches long. Put it into plenty of boiling water. Add 1 tsp. salt and boil rapidly 25 minutes; drain, throw into cold water to blanch for 10 minutes. Put the milk into the double boiler, add to it the butter, then the MACARONI which has been drained, and cheese; stir until heated, add the salt and pepper, and serve. (The MACARONI may be placed in a baking dish in alternate layers with the cheese, sprinkling each layer with pepper and salt, pouring the milk over the top, cutting the butter in small bits distributed over the top, and bake until brown in a moderately quick oven.)

The Fun of Cooking, by Caroline French Benton (Year 1915)