Recipe: Partridges à la Sierra Morena

Take a brace of Partridges properly trussed; cut into dice one inch thick a little less than half a pound of bacon, and put them in the stewpan; cut two large onions in quarters, take six whole black peppers, a little salt, one bayleaf, half a gill of vinegar, one gill of port wine, one gill of water, one tablespoonful of SALAD oil, and put all these ingredients into the stewpan; put on the lid, and cover the stewpan with half a sheet of brown kitchen paper; put the stewpan on a slow fire to stew for two hours; then take out the Partridges and dish them and put round some of the quarters of onions which have been stewed. Pass the gravy through a sieve and send to table.

Dressed Game and Poultry à la Mode, by
Harriet A. de Salis (Year1888)