Recipe: Pheasant à la Brillat-Savarin

Hang a Pheasant till tender, pluck, draw, and lard it carefully. Bone and draw two woodcocks, keep the trail separate, throw away the gizzards, chop up the meat with BEEF marrow which has been cooked by steam, scraped bacon, pepper, salt, mixed herbs and truffles; fill the Pheasant with this stuffing, which fix in with a piece of bread the shape of a cork and tie it round with fine thread. Lay a thick slice of bread two inches broader than the Pheasant in the dripping pan; pound the tail of the woodcock in a mortar with truffles, add anchovy, a little scraped bacon, and a lump of fresh butter; spread a thick layer on the bread, roast the Pheasant over it so as to catch all the dripping and dish up on it.

Dressed Game and Poultry à la Mode, by
Harriet A. de Salis (Year1888)