Recipe: Pigeons en Poqueton

Put some pâté de foie gras forcemeat, or any other forcemeat, into a small stewpan, and spread it all over at the bottom and sides, rubbing the stewpan first with butter. Put in a couple of PIGEONS trussed for roasting, some SWEETBREADS and TONGUE cut into neat pieces, and some button mushrooms; arrange all these tastily in the pan, place some more forcemeat on the top, cover it over with slices of bacon, and bake it in a gentle oven. Before closing it, pour some good gravy inside. The PIGEONS should be seasoned with pepper and salt, and just rubbed with garlic. When it is cooked, take it from the oven, and turn it carefully out into its dish, and pour a very rich Sauce over it.

Dressed Game and Poultry à la Mode, by
Harriet A. de Salis (Year1888)