Recipe: Roast Fowl

Clean and singe a five-pound fowl; stuff with Bread Stuffing, truss, place on a trivet in a pan suited to the size of the fowl, dredge with flour, cover with thin slices of fat salt PORK, and bake in a slow oven three hours, basting every fifteen minutes. Put into the pan the CHICKEN fat (which was removed when cleaning) and use for basting. Dredge with flour twice while cooking. Cook the giblets in boiling water one hour, and chop fine; make a gravy in the pan, allowing four tablespoons each of fat and flour, and the water in which giblets were cooked, with enough boiling water added to make two cups; season with salt and pepper, and add the giblets. If cooked slowly and basted often, a fowl will be as tender as a CHICKEN.

Better Meals for Less Money, by Mary Green (Year 1909)