Recipe: To Roast a Loin of Pork

Score the skin in narrow strips, and rub it all over with a mixture of powdered sage leaves, pepper and salt. Have ready a force-meat or stuffing of minced onions and sage, mixed with a little grated bread and beaten yolk of egg, and seasoned with pepper and salt. Make deep incisions between the ribs and fill them with this stuffing. Put it on the spit before a clear fire and moisten it with butter or sweet oil, rubbed lightly over it. It will require three hours to ROAST.

Having skimmed the gravy well, thicken it with a little flour, and serve it up in a boat. Have ready some apple-Sauce to eat with the PORK. Also mashed turnips and mashed potatoes.

You may ROAST in the same manner, a shoulder, spare-rib, or chine of PORK; seasoning it with sage and onion.

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