Recipe: Roast Quarter of Lamb

Procure a nice hind-quarter, remove some of the fat that is around the kidney, skewer the lower joint up to the fillet, place it in a moderate oven, let it heat through slowly, then dredge it with salt and flour; quicken the fire, put half a pint of water into the dripping-pan, with a teaspoonful of salt. With this liquor baste the meat occasionally; serve with lettuce, green peas and mint Sauce.

A quarter of LAMB weighing seven or eight pounds will require two hours to ROAST.
A breast of LAMB ROASTed is very sweet and is considered by many as preferable to hind-quarter. It requires nearly as long a time to ROAST as the quarter, and should be served in the same manner.

Make the gravy from the drippings, thickened with flour.

The mint Sauce is made as follows: Take fresh, young spearmint leaves stripped from stems; wash and drain them or dry on a cloth, chop very fine, put in a gravy tureen, and to three tablespoonfuls of mint add two of finely powdered cut-loaf sugar; mix, and let it stand a few minutes, then pour over it six tablespoonfuls good cider or white-wine vinegar. The Sauce should be made some time before dinner, so that the flavor of the mint may be well extracted.

The Whitehouse Cookbook, by Mrs. F.L. Gillette (Year 1887)