Recipe: Roast Shoulder of Veal

Have the butcher make a pocket in the VEAL for the filling. Now soak sufficient stale bread in cold water so that when pressed dry it will measure two cups. Place the bread in a Saucepan and add

  • One cup of finely chopped onions,
  • Three tablespoons of finely chopped parsley,
  • One green pepper, chopped fine,
  • One-half cup of shortening.


Mix thoroughly and then cook slowly so that the onion does not brown. When tender add

  • One teaspoon of paprika,
  • Two teaspoons of salt,
  • One teaspoon of pepper.

Mix thoroughly and then cool and fill into VEAL. Sew the opening with a darning needle and a stout string or fasten with toothpicks. Dust the meat well with flour and then place in a hot oven to brown. Then reduce the heat of the oven to moderate and ROAST, allowing thirty minutes for the meat to start cooking and twenty-five minutes to the pound. Baste every ten minutes with:

  • One-half cup of vegetable SALAD oil in One and one-half cups of boiling water.

Foods That Will Win The War And How To Cook Them (Year 1918)
by C. Houston Goudiss and Alberta M. Goudiss