Recipe: Salmi of Woodcocks à la Lucullus

Take three woodcocks, which must be roasted very under-done. Take out the trail, and add to it either three fowl livers or their equivalent in pâté de foie gras. Make a farce with a dozen mushrooms chopped very fine, a shalot, a sprig of parsley, both chopped fine. Fry these in a little butter, then add the trails and livers or pâté de foie gras to fry with them; when done, pound all in a mortar and season with salt, pepper, and a dust of cayenne. As three woodcocks will give six fillets, cut six bits of bread of the same size and fry them of a nice colour. Then spread the farce equally divided over the six croustades, put them into the oven, and when of a good colour put them between each of the fillets. Make the Sauce from the bones and cuttings of the birds, add six spoonfuls of Espagnole Sauce and a glass of Marsala. The fillets should be kept in the hot Sauce whilst the croustades are cooking, so as to prevent their getting dry, then warm them up without boiling, as boiling would spoil the dish.

Dressed Game and Poultry à la Mode, by
Harriet A. de Salis (Year1888)