Recipe: Savoury Rissoles

  •  4 ounces mashed POTATOES.
  •  4 ounces cooked greens of any kind.
  •  4 ounces cooked semolina.
  •  1 onion.
  •  1 egg.
  •  2 tablespoons of Sauce superbe No. 177.
  •  1 tablespoon of Worcester Sauce.
  •  Pepper and salt to taste.
  •  ½ ounce of butter.
  •  A little short pastry.

Mix the POTATOES, greens, semolina, Sauces, pepper and salt together, slice and fry the onion in the butter, and add to the mixture with half the beaten egg, and stir well again. A few fine bread crumbs may be added to give consistency if required. Roll the pastry out rather thin, cut into four-inch squares. Place about half a tablespoon of the mixture in the centre of each square, moisten the edges, and fold neatly over. Brush over the tops with the remainder of the egg, and fry in boiling oil until they turn a light brown.

New Vegetarian Dishes, by Mrs. Bowdich (Year 1892)