Recipe: Scalloped Lamb or Mutton

As a scalloped dish is usually pleasing to most persons, the accompanying recipe for scalloped LAMB or MUTTON will undoubtedly find favor. Both MACARONI and tomatoes are combined with the meat in this dish, but rice could be substituted for the MACARONI, if desired.

To make scalloped LAMB or MUTTON, arrange a layer of buttered crumbs in a baking dish, and on top of them place a layer of cooked MACARONI, a layer of meat, and then another layer of MACARONI. Over this pour enough stewed tomato to moisten the whole well. Season each layer with salt, pepper, and butter. Over the top, place a layer of buttered crumbs. Bake in a medium-hot oven until the whole is thoroughly heated.

Woman’s Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 3
Volume 3: Soup; Meat; Poultry and Game; Fish and Shell Fish (Year 1928)