Recipe: Snipe Raised Pie (Hot)

Cut four snipes in two lengthwise, remove the gizzards, put the trails aside, and season the birds with salt and cayenne. Fry the birds in butter for ten minutes and then stand them to drain in the cool till wanted. Make a forcemeat of four ounces of calf’s liver, four ditto fat bacon cut small, melt the latter over a quick fire, and then add the liver and season the mixture with pepper, salt, and herbs. When these are cooked, let them get cold, and then pound them in the mortar with the trails of the birds.  Now pass all through a sieve. Line a buttered pie-mould with raised crust paste, and put in a layer of the forcemeat at the bottom of the mould, leaving it hollow in the centre. Put half the pieces of snipe in a circle upon the forcemeat, and place a little ball of forcemeat upon them, put in the rest of the birds and put a layer of forcemeat over all. Fill the hollow in the centre with bread which has been covered with fat bacon, put the pastry cover on, and bake. When done, take off the cover, remove bread and fill its place with scallopped truffles. Pour good brown Sauce over all, pile truffles on the top, and serve. This can also be made in a china raised pie-case.

Dressed Game and Poultry à la Mode, by
Harriet A. de Salis (Year1888)